Educational linguistics

Having spent six formative years working for Michael Halliday, I am keen to see more linguistics in schools, whatever we call it – ‘Knowledge About Language’, `Language Awareness’, `English Language’ or even `Linguistics’!  I have written a book and numerous papers about education (mostly about grammar), and more recently I’ve given a number of talks about language education and have even contributed to the Language Log.

I am a founder-member of CLIE (the Committee for Linguistics in Education, and also of the LAGB Education Committee.

My web-site contains a number of relevant information pages:

For other educational resources, check the following:

  • Education on the Internet – a very large and helpfully annotated directory of resources for teachers, including English teachers. Paired with a monthly newsletter listing recent innovations.
  • VISL – an ambitious and largely successful web site in Denmark for teaching grammar (of English or a dozen other languages!) by IT. Zap adverbs or test the (not infallible) computer’s grammatical analyses.
  • Language education in the news – a daily collection of media reports on UK language education.



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