Educational linguistics

Having spent six formative years working for Michael Halliday, I am keen to see more linguistics in schools, whatever we call it – ‘Knowledge About Language’, `Language Awareness’, `English Language’ or even `Linguistics’!  I have written a book and numerous papers about education (mostly about grammar), and more recently I’ve given a number of talks about language education and have even contributed to the Language Log.

I’m proud to have helped to set up and run three ongoing organisations for promoting linguistics in language education:

My web-site contains a number of relevant information pages:


For other educational resources, check the following:

  • Education on the Internet – a very large and helpfully annotated directory of resources for teachers, including English teachers. Paired with a monthly newsletter listing recent innovations.
  • VISL – an ambitious and largely successful web site in Denmark for teaching grammar (of English or a dozen other languages!) by IT. Zap adverbs or test the (not infallible) computer’s grammatical analyses.
  • Language education in the news – a daily collection of media reports on UK language education.



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