In memory of

Colin Hudson

15/1/1938 – 22/2/2004

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New in 2021: a documentary film about sugar production in Barbados which shows Colin’s harvester in action. [Just a few seconds of it at 50 seconds from the start of the film.]


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  • His recent life
  • Colin and Maureen’s house and garden at Little Edgehill, Barbados
  • His funeral and some memorials

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Each month we will introduce you to a member, or members, of the Web of Hope team. This month we will start with Web of Hope founder Dr Colin Hudson, who died in February 2004. In 1994 Colin, a British agricultural engineer who had been living in Barbados for forty years, mobilised 3,000 volunteers on the island to come together and create The Village of Hope. This temporary ‘village’ showcased ‘Initiatives of Hope’ from around the world. The event was such a success that Colin was invited to be the catalyst for a similar Village of Hope at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg during 2002, and this led directly to the creation of The Web of Hope. Colin’s vision, energy, passion, and deep knowledge gave The Web of Hope much of its initial character, and continues to underpin what we do now.

  • Colin’s talk in Wrington, 2003
  • The launch of the Barbados Environmental Society

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