Meet my family!

Well, some of them …


My family network (greatly simplified – e.g. I’m my father’s son!):

  • Some pictures and an outline biography of my late father John.
  • A page about his father, William Arthur Hudson.
  • A very small bit about my late mother Gretta Hudson (née Heath)
  • A great deal about her mother Mary Heath (née Buckler) and one of her sons, Bryan.
  • A collection of linguistic gems from my little grandson Peter.
  • A great deal about my late brother Colin
  • My son-in-law Adam‘s home page.
  • My school years at Loughborough Grammar School
  • A database of 800 relatives since the 18th century including the following family names: Allender, Bell, Buckler, Evans, Heath, Hudson, Lindow, Pilkington, and many others!
    • You can get to this database:
      • on the internet at the ‘Genopro’ website (that’s the software I use). This version may not include the latest revisions.
      • by downloading a compressed collection of html files which you can read on your browser. Just download it, unzip it and click on any individual file. This will first open a very small window, but then you’ll get a larger one which will offer the options below.
    • You can view this as a network – i.e. a conventional family tree – by clicking on the little tree icon, and then selecting the sub-family that you’re interested in. (The whole tree would be too big to display, so I’ve broken it into sub-trees.)
    • The tree is shown in rather a small window, but you can make this bigger by clicking the window icon on the left of the red X, zoom in and out with the + and – icons, and then navigate round it by clicking the green arrows.
    • Better still, switch from your browser to the proper software for viewing these trees: Genopro. You can do this as follows:
      • make sure the little window is small, with a space above it for information about individuals.
      • click any individual of interest to you.
      • in the little window of information about the individual, select the little family-tree icon next to the real-tree icon.
      • when you’re asked what to do with it, select ‘open with Genopro ….’.
      • you’re now using Genopro to view the entire database (divided into sub-families shown on the tabs at the bottom of the screen).
      • To get information about any individual, double-click the named node.
    • I’d be grateful for help with this database, so if you can provide extra information, please email me and I’ll add it.

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