Grammar teaching in Israel

[See also Iran and the Arab world.]

  • [Yael Ziv in 1997] Regarding your query about the study of grammar in schools here’s a bit about what they do (and we at the university have to undo) in the Israeli school system re: sentence structure analysis. (Note that the syntactico-morphological aspects of the Hebrew verb pattern are studied extensively too.) They start at the latest in the 9th grade with a mixed bag of notional definitions (and a few morphological clues) very little in the way of syntactic clues towards the definitions of S, O, and a considerable confusion of DO and IO and PREP O (which intelligent students cannot tolerate) and at the end of the 10th grade they have a matriculation examination one part of which is the analysis of sentence structure. So far as I know (I have been following the program closely in the last 6 years, trying to help my kids get through the muddle) no diagrams are used explicitly, although some conception of constituency is evident now and then.

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