Self-assessment on connectives and logic

The connectives in the following passage are highlighted, as are a number of other words. Remember that connectives are either adverbs or conjunctions which connect clauses or sentences; so don’t include prepositions.

Click on each connective. If you have chosen correctly, you will then be given a further choice about whether or not it is appropriately used.

[2016 note: the original material contained individual links from words to answers which have now gone, but the answer file contains comments on individual words which you may find helpful.]

At first he seems a little excited by the encounter of aliens, trying to imagine what they looked like but by the end he was ‘overcome with disgust and dread’ so completely changing his opinion. He also seems apprehensive when he ‘presently saw something stirring within the Rocket’ not knowing what it was.

H G Wells then starts to describe their movements. He said it rised ‘slowly and painfully out of the cylinder’. He also described their difficulty to move or breathe due to the painfulness as earth has a stronger gravitational pull.


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