Word-level punctuation – self-assessment

[2016 note: The links to individual answers no longer work, and the general answer file is not helpful.]

Exercise 1. Apostrophes

Each of these sentences has at least one apostrophe missing.Click on the place where an apostrophe is missing.

  1. All the girl_s_ desk_s_ have been cleared.
  2. The roof_s_ leaking because it_s_ tiles are porous.
  3. That_ll_ be the day I_m planning to leave.
  4. The men_s_ conversation is about game_s_ as always.
  5. The baby_s_ name is Thomas; it_s a family name.
  6. Who_se teacher is the one who_s away?
  7. The Berger_s_ were friend_s_ of my father_s_.
  8. It_s_ likely that it_s roots are damaged.


Exercise 2. Hyphens

Each of these sentences has a hyphen missing. Click on the spot where it should be.

  1. The runner_up was awarded a silver_medal.
  2. Just in_case, the dentist took an X_ray of my mouth.
  3. It was a last_minute decision to go to London last_night.
  4. It was one_hundred and forty_five kilometres from Big_Ben.
  5. The soldiers suffered really_heavy casualties following a pre_emptive strike by the enemy.
  6. The study of pre_1914 texts is compulsory in the National_ Curriculum.
  7. A classical_history specialist applied for the history_post.

Exercise 3. Capital Letters

Which of the following words should be written with initial capital letters? Click the spelling which is correct.

  1. William – william
  2. Chemistry – chemistry
  3. October – october
  4. Winter – winter
  5. Diwali – diwali
  6. Latin – latin
  7. Cathedral – cathedral
  8. French literature – french literature
  9. Tuesday – tuesday

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