Mary Buckler (1877-1945)

Read her autobiography.

As the Preface explains, this “Autobiography” of Mary Buckler was pieced together by her youngest son Bryan out of a suitcaseful of papers which he had retrieved from her effects.  Some of these papers were no more than notes written on paper bags and the backs of shop bills.  Having put the papers into the the most reasonable order he could manage, Bryan persuaded his daughter Marjorie to type them, but resisted the temptation to edit them even when spellings and errors called for it.  Bryan and Marjorie completed this version in 1988, and in 1989 he expanded the Preface to include the extra information provided by Colin Hudson (son of Gretta).  In 2005, one of Bryan’s sons, Michael, and Dick Hudson (brother of Colin) scanned Marjorie’s typescript into the present format.  Marjorie and her daughter Anne helped to check their output, so the present version can fairly be described as a joint family effort, produced in gratitude to Granny Heath for giving us our parents.

See also a set of pictures of Heath family homes taken in 1989.


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