Some questions about grammar teaching in your country


Here are some questions that the rest of the world would like to ask you about grammar teaching in your country. Any answers, to any of the questions, will be gratefully received and integrated into the collection. Just email Dick Hudson, preferably sending a copy of this list of questions, with your answer added beneath each question.

In this context, ‘grammar’ means grammatical analysis, using a technical metalanguage such as ‘noun’ or ‘subject’, and applied either to texts (words, sentences, paragraphs) or to the language system.

  1. Is grammar taught in schools in your country?
    1. If not, why not?
    2. If it is taught, please answer the other questions.
  2. At what age level? (Please specify rough age rather than school year, because school years vary between countries.
  3. To which pupils? (All or just the most academically able?)
  4. Why?
    1. for writing (including spelling)
    2. for reading
    3. for learning foreign languages
    4. for its own sake.
  5. Which school subjects include grammar? (First language and/or second language?)
  6. Did grammar teachers (i.e. whichever teachers teach grammar) have a chance to deepen their understanding of it while at university or training as teachers)?
  7. Are there textbooks for teaching grammar? If so, it would be good to see scans of a few (maximum 6) pages.
  8. Does the teaching of grammar include a method for displaying sentence structure visually? (Trees, tables, underlining, indexes, …)
  9. Do you think the teaching of grammar is successful?

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