Training materials for teachers

  • 2021. Comparing a foreign language with English in teaching for GCSE. Comments welcome!
  • Grammar in the Secondary National Strategy (2005)
    • A large commentary on the approach to grammar teaching which has been adopted in the Secondary National Strategy (formerly the English strand of the KS3 Strategy, extending the primary-level National Literacy Strategy).
  • KS3 grammar  (2003)
    • A large collection of pages full of basic grammar for secondary (Years 7-9) teachers of English, with some self-test exercises and links to the UK National Curriculum.
    • This isn’t yet completely restored, but I’m working on it (March 2016).
    • Also available as a zipped file: KS3 grammar
  •  Grammar in the TES (2002-5)
    • A collection of short (450-word) pieces about elementary grammar, called “The writer’s tool-kit”, which I co-wrote with Geoff Barton (a school teacher) for two years. They appeared every week (of term-time) in the Times Educational Supplement.

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