Answers for word families self-assessment

  • was = wa+s??; wa for were; s as in i+s, walk+s
  • readjusting = re+ad+just+ing; ad as in ad+mit; just as in just+ify
  • civilisation = civil+is+ation; is as in mobil+ise
  • coming = com+ing
  • terms = term+s
  • technology = techn+ology or techno+logy; techn as in techn+ique; ology as in ge+ology
  • remarkably = re+mark+ab+ly; ab for able (able+ly = ably, as in in+cred+ib+ly)
  • intelligent = intellig+ent; ent as in appar+ent (below), persist+ent, intellig as in intellec+tu+al?
  • despite = de+spite; spite as in in spite of
  • his = hi+s??; hi as in him; s as in John+’s
  • apparent = appar+ent; appar as in appear; ent as in intellig+ent
  • ignorance = ignor+ance; ance as in appear+ance
  • culture = cult+ure; cult as in cult; ure as in advent+ure
  • senses = sense+s
  • had = ha+d; ha as in have; d as in sai+d, di+d
  • grown = grow+n; n as in see+n, take+n
  • incredibly = in+cred+ib+ly; ib for ible (ible+ly = ibly, as in re+mark+ab+ly)
  • No, this word definitely consists of just one morpheme.
  • Yes. This word is related to civilisation, because it defines one part of civilisation.
  • No. This word has no direct connection in meaning with civilisation.

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